What do the drinks taste like?

Each flavor of Haymaker is unique. Haymaker is purposefully un-fruity, with a taste unlike any other, so we recommend tasting for yourself. Try our sample pack to discover your favorite flavor!

Haymaker Red has been described as being crisp and slightly tart, a bit like cranberry. If you like hibiscus, you’ll like Red. Even if you don’t like hibiscus, you may still like Red - we’re not here to tell you what your taste buds are going to do.

Haymaker Gold tastes a bit like iced tea. If you are familiar with the flavor of Rooibos tea, you’ll be familiar with the flavor of Gold. It’s earthy and refreshing at the same time!

Haymaker Purple is the flavor enigma of the bunch. Some say they can taste grape in it, but - spoiler - there are no grapes in it! Purple is pure liquid lightness and refreshment. Plus, it just looks cool!

How should I store Haymaker? Does it expire? Refrigerate?

Haymaker is shelf-stable, so it will not expire if left unopened at room temperature. We have found that the beautiful color of Haymaker Red tends to fade over time, so we recommend consuming it within 6 months, but it will not “go bad.” Haymaker tastes best ice-cold, so pop a few in the refrigerator for those days when the kids come back from practice and need clean hydration ASAP.

Where can I buy Haymaker in stores?

Please check out "Where to Buy" at the top (and bottom) of the Home Page for a list of all the locations where you can pick up a Haymaker throughout New England. If you don't see us at a store near you, please email jason@haymakerdrinks.com and let me know where you'd like to see us locally. Also, please ask your local store if they've heard of us and tell them that you'd like to see Haymaker in their beverage cooler!

When should someone drink Haymaker?

Haymaker has the same electrolytes as a traditional sports drink and should be consumed in the same fashion as a traditional sports drink. Haymaker is perfect for hydrating before, during, or after exercise! With clean ingredients, electrolytes, and antioxidants, you can drink it anytime and feel good about the choice you’ve made.

Is there caffeine in Haymaker drinks?

Nope, we’re just naturally this energetic. Haymaker Red, Gold, and Purple are all completely caffeine-free.

Are your bottles recyclable/contain BPA?

All Haymaker bottles are BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

How long can I drink Haymaker after the bottle has been opened?

Haymaker should be refrigerated after opening and will last for a few days in the fridge. Please treat it like any other refrigerated product - we’d give it the old sniff test before finishing it off if you think it may have gone south.

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